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Advocacy is one of the foremost approaches for engaging
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CAF uses Workshops, Seminars, Role Play, Focus Group Discussions
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Our education programs include building the capacity of Teachers
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About Us

Child Alert Foundation (CAF) is a non-Governmental, non-Political and non-Religious based Organization which is incorporated in Ghana with registration number CG 158891220 with the goal of Building partnership through empowerment, participation and network to create a safe and protective environment for Children. Child Alert Foundation (CAF), work towards the recognition, promotion and protection of rights of all children. It aims to look at the child in an integrated manner within the framework of the Constitution of Ghana, Ghana Children Act and the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, which Ghana ratified in 1992, and contribute to the building of an environment where every child’s rights are recognized and promoted without discrimination. At CAF, we believe that child rights and children’s interest have to be mainstreamed into all developmental planning and action, and must also become a core developmental indicator. We recognize that children are vulnerable to neglect, violence, abuse and exploitation. Those children who have come into conflict with the law are also most often those who have been neglected by society. All children need to grow up in a safe and protective environment.



Child Alert Foundation is committed in the area of networking and collaborating with critical stakeholders at all levels, NGO’s, private sector, individuals, philanthropists etc. in the aspect of training, seminars and workshops. We believe that through strategic partnership, we can achieve lasting and transformational impact on the communities.

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